About the Maritime Makers podcast

The maritime industry keeps the world running - it's hard to overestimate its importance.

Today, maritime leaders are faced with an increasing number of disruptive waves - and they are only getting bigger. Digital transformation, IoT, artificial intelligence and machine learning, blockchain, and many more.

I created this podcast to help maritime leaders learn from their peers in the industry who have insights to share about these challenges. I hope you find it personally helpful and enjoyable.

I specialize in helping maritime leaders harness digital disruptions. Learn more here.

About the Host

Daniel Jacobsen Profile Photo

Daniel Jacobsen

I'm is on a mission to help maritime leaders harness disruptions - especially those relating to AI and machine learning.
I believe in building things of lasting value and am looking for long term relationships with high-integrity men and women who share this world view. I believe in creating and growing together.
I did my PhD in applied mathematics at the Technical University of Denmark where I applied machine learning to brain imaging. One of my favorite aspects of machine learning is how you can apply it to almost anything – from brains, to ships, and anything in between.
I co-founded a maritime startup, GreenSteam, where I am now Chief Science Officer. I developed AI algorithms and decision support solutions to make merchant shipping more efficient and have been managing everything from sales and marketing to funding, finance and operations. Over the years my focus has shifted towards the strategic challenges of succeeding with AI in the maritime world.